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Manufacturer lens with sensor large angle google lens scanner panoramic AR car lens

Car Lens

Manufacturer lens with sensor large angle google lens scanner panoramic AR car lens

  1. Model:SHG349-001-650
  2. Up to 8 million pixels, 2.0um pixels
  3. Multiple IRs can be installed, such as IR650nm, IR850nm, IR940nm

    We have launched our latest panoramic AR car lens, aiming to provide high-resolution and wide-angle capture for various applications. This advanced lens uses a 1/1.8 inch sensor with a wide angle of 190 °, enabling a wider field of view and excellent image quality. The 2.56mm focal length and 2.4mm aperture ensure clear and sharp images, while the six glass components provide excellent optical performance.

    Whether you are capturing beautiful scenery, recording immersive car shots, or monitoring large areas, our panoramic lens is the ideal choice. It can operate within a temperature range of -20 ° C to+85 ° C, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, providing versatility and reliability in any environment.

    MODEL SHG349-001-650 Relative ill. >48%
    TTL 17.92±0.2mm Chief Ray Angle <16%
    EFL 2.56±5% Thread M12*P0.5
    F/NO 2.4±5% Construction 6G+IR
    BFL 4.42±0.2 IR Coating T=50%@650±10nm
    FBL 3.25±0.2 Operating temp -30~+85ºC
    Max Image Φ7.6 Storage  temp ~40+90ºC
    sensor 1/1.8"IMX678 (3856*2176 2.0um) projection center:250LP/mm    6:160LP/mm
    Horizontal 190°(H=7.712mm) torque force 200gf.cm-600gf.cm
    Vertical 100°(V=4.352mm) Front end appearance 40/20 Points<50um aren't countead
    Diagonal 190°(D=8.855mm) Appearance of rear end face 60/40 Points<50um aren't countead
    Distortion(F-Theta) <-11%  

    Our AR car lens's high resolution ensures capturing every detail with stunning clarity, making it the perfect choice for professional photography, surveillance systems, and automotive applications. With its outstanding performance and durability, this lens is a valuable addition to any imaging system.

    With the increasing demand for wide-angle and panoramic imaging, our AR car lenses are the perfect solution for capturing vast scenes and providing an immersive visual experience. Its wide-angle function makes it an ideal choice for automotive applications, providing a comprehensive view of the surrounding environment to improve safety.

    Manufacturer's supply of 11zwk
    Manufacturer's supply of 112yt

    The 1/1.8 inch sensor in the panoramic lens provides excellent sensitivity and dynamic range, ensuring excellent image quality even under challenging lighting conditions. This, combined with wide-angle and high-resolution, makes our lens a powerful tool for capturing details and immersive images.

    AR car lenses are designed to meet the needs of professional photographers, photographers, and car enthusiasts, providing excellent performance and versatility in a compact and reliable package. Its wide-angle coverage and high-resolution imaging capabilities make it a valuable asset for various applications