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Cars Plus Lenoir nc with High Pixel Low Distortion Aerial Vehicle Driving Recorder Car Lens

Car Lens

Cars Plus Lenoir nc with High Pixel Low Distortion Aerial Vehicle Driving Recorder Car Lens

  1. Model:SHG051-004-650
  2. Up to 12 million pixels, 1.55um pixels
  3. Adapt to multiple chips
  4. Multiple IRs can be installed, such as IR650nm, IR850nm, IR940nm

    The M9 imaging lens has high resolution and is compact in size, including six glass elements and an aluminum casing. The types of lenses are very diverse, with maximum imaging sizes covering 1/1.8 ", 1/2.3", 1/2.8 ", and 1/3", which can match the needs of the vast majority of automotive vehicles in the market. It adopts a standard M9 interface design, making it easy to match and use with onboard/unmanned aerial vehicles with M9 interfaces; Some series have a large aperture design, making it easy to handle low illumination application environments. Can be used in vibration sensitive environments. This imaging lens is very suitable for fields such as automobiles and drone applications.

    Haoyuan Optics has created multiple product lines of M9&12 interface lenses, designed to provide high resolution. These high-performance lenses precisely design the glass inside the metal/plastic casing and optimize the specifications of each product series to meet your application needs

    MODEL SHG051-004-650 Relative ill. >62%
    TTL 15.82±0.2mm Chief Ray Angle <13%
    EFL 3.65±5% Thread M9*P0.5
    F/NO 2.0±5% Construction 6G+IR
    BFL 5.39±0.2 IR Coating T=50%@650±10nm
    FBL 2.79±0.2 Operating temp -40~+85ºC
    Max Image Φ8.2 Storage  temp -40~+90ºC
    sensor 1/2.3"IMX377 (4024*3036 1.55um) projection center:250LP/mm    8:80LP/mm
    Horizontal 103°(H=6.237mm) torque force 100gf.cm-400gf.cm
    Vertical 76°(V=4.706mm) Front end appearance 40/20 less than 50 μ Omit point m
    Diagonal 137°(D=7.813mm) Appearance of rear end face 60/40 less than 50 μ Omit point m
    Distortion(SMIA-TV) <-23%

    Having professional optical design, production, and sales capabilities, we can provide customers with one-stop convenient procurement services; No matter what kind of lens you need, we will provide unique and precise design solutions for all customers based on specific circumstances. We can provide a complete optical design solution, and we can also provide a complete mechanical design.


    In order to minimize the ghosting and spot caused by backlighting,multiple layers of coating were applied on the surface of the lens. Therefore,even under adverse conditions of backlighting,images with clear contrast can be captured.


    Product image surface is flat

    Excellent optical design technology has been adopted to achieve high pixel and high contrast uniformly from the center to the surrounding areas of the image. Especially the image quality around the edges has reached a resolution of about twice that of traditional lenses.


    High and low temperature testing

    The application environment of driving and motion cameras is complex,and there are certain requirements for the lens's ability to withstand and adapt.Our company positions the working temperature standard of the lens at -40 to+80C.Lens that cannot meet the standard in high and low temperature experiments will be eliminated.