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Information on possible directions and related technologies for developing 4K 150 degree distortion free lenses


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    Information on possible directions and related technologies for developing 4K 150 degree distortion free lenses

    2024-01-23 11:34:51

    Patent number: CN219625799U

    Patent number: CN116299992A

    ● Optical design and optimization

    Precise optical design and system optimization are carried out to meet the requirements of achieving a 150 degree field of view angle and no distortion. Use methods such as aspherical lenses, composite lenses, or heterogeneous media to achieve this goal.

    ● Glass material selection

    Select appropriate glass materials to achieve the required optical properties, low dispersion, high transmittance, and high mechanical strength. The use of special material formulas and preparation processes can improve the imaging quality of lenses.

    ● Complex surface processing

    For special mirror surface shapes, it is necessary to master precise glass processing techniques such as CNC machining, grinding and polishing. Considering the complexity of manufacturing aspherical lenses.

    ● Anti reflective coating

    Through special multi-layer anti reflective coating technology, the transmittance of the lens can be improved and reflection reduced, thereby improving imaging quality.

    ● Distortion correction design

    For lenses with a 150 degree field of view angle, solve serious distortion problems.

    ● Size and stability control

    For 4K lenses with high pixel density, ensure the size of the lens and the stability of the optical surface to ensure high-quality pixel imaging.

    8M high pixel, designed to provide unparalleled clarity and accuracy for various applications. Can provide distortion free imaging. This lens can capture clear and accurate images without any fisheye or barrel distortion. This makes it very suitable for applications where accuracy and clarity are crucial. Whether you use it for video conferences or whiteboard descriptions, it will definitely exceed your expectations

    Say goodbye to image distortion and decreased video quality. Our distortion free lenses ensure crystal clear visual effects and realistic images, so you can leave a deep impression on every online interaction. Whether you are communicating with colleagues, clients, or teammates, this lens will take your video conferencing experience to a new level.

    The 1/2.8 inch sensor provides excellent image quality, capturing every detail with stunning clarity. A larger sensor size allows for better sensitivity, resulting in brighter and more vivid visual effects even in low light conditions. No matter what the environment is, this lens can consistently provide professional video quality, which is worthy of your trust.

    The front cover diameter of this lens is 23 millimeters, optimized to achieve maximum transparency, ensuring that your video remains bright and well lit even in dimly lit spaces. The larger diameter also increases the depth of field, giving your video a visual impact and professional appearance.

    1.1 Focus provides a balanced perspective, making it ideal for video conferencing. You will be able to capture the entire conference space or presentation area without sacrificing image quality or details. Whether you are holding virtual meetings with a large group of people or showcasing detailed visual effects, this lens will ensure accurate capture of every aspect.

    A 150 ° wide angle provides a wide field of view, allowing you to include more participants, whiteboard content, or presentation materials in the video. You don't have to worry about cutting out important elements or missing key details - this lens can cover you from all angles.

    The uniqueness of this lens lies in its distortion free design. Unlike traditional lenses that produce distorted or stretched images

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