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10mm small volume 155 degree wide-angle motion camera lens


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    10mm small volume 155 degree wide-angle motion camera lens

    2024-01-23 11:37:00

    This 10mm small volume 155 degree wide-angle motion camera lens has excellent optical performance and excellent adaptation system, which can be used in various motion cameras, providing you with a different viewing experience. It not only has an ultra wide angle of view, allowing you to easily capture vast scenes, but also has clear and delicate image quality, making every detail vivid. Not only suitable for professional photographers, but also for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. Whether you are challenging yourself in mountains and valleys, or recording exciting moments on city streets, it can help you capture special perspectives and create stunning effects.

    Equipped with a 12M ultra high pixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, this sensor provides stunning details and clarity, allowing you to capture every moment in an absolutely clear manner. Whether you are recording family vacations, special events, or shooting important shots for professional purposes, this advanced sensor ensures that your images have the highest quality. The 2.95mm focal length allows for multiple framing options, allowing you to easily and accurately compose according to your imagination. Whether you need to capture vast landscapes or zoom in on specific themes, this lens can meet your needs. By adjusting the focal length to meet your specific needs, you can confidently and accurately capture various scenes.

    Compared to other wide-angle lenses, its compact size allows you to carry it more conveniently and enjoy the fun of photography freely. Meanwhile, high-quality materials and sturdy structure ensure the durability of the lens, making it easy to handle even extreme sports. At the same time, this lens also has excellent optical performance, which can effectively reduce lens distortion and ensure the authenticity of the image. Even in low light environments, bright and clear photos can be taken.

    This multifunctional lens can be easily integrated into various devices, such as mini DV cameras, USB cameras, etc. With its compact size and lightweight design, it is very suitable for use on the go, making it an ideal choice for shooting lenses in various environments

    Quickly equip your sports camera with this 12 megapixel, 155 degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to capture exciting moments in motion anytime, anywhere. Whether it's adventure exploration or daily recording, it can help you capture those unforgettable moments.

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