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8X-10X Microscope Lens for Distortion-Free Biological Observation

Variable Aperture Zoom Lens

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8X-10X Microscope Lens for Distortion-Free Biological Observation

    Our newly developed microscope objective modules have been meticulously designed and manufactured to showcase exceptional performance and user-friendly operation, particularly for demanding microscopic observation applications. Whether it is in-depth exploration in scientific research, precise detection in the industrial field, or microscopic observation in education training and home experiments, the objective module can provide stable and reliable support.


    1. outstanding performance with detailed presentation:
    2. High-definition visual experience: The module boasts a high-definition resolution of 1920 x 1080, ensuring accurate image details under microscopic observation to meet the demand for precision in scientific research and industrial fields.
    3. Global exposure and image stability capture: Advanced 4um global exposure chip technology ensures simultaneous exposure of all pixels on the sensor for fast and high-precision image capture, eliminating motion artifacts effectively.
    4. High sensitivity performance: With a sensitivity of up to 10800 mV/Lux’s, clarity of images is ensured even in low light working conditions.
    5. Wide spectral responseandlight source adaptability: Working wavelength range covers 400-1100 nm, compatible with various light sources for flexible application options.
    6. Automatic optimization function with simplifies operation: Built-in automatic gain control (AGC), automatic exposure control (AEC) and automatic white balance function simplify operation process effectively.
    7. Convenient power supply: Supports USB bus power supply for rapid deployment and convenient use in various working environments.
    8. High-speed transmission enables real-time observation without delay: Through efficient USB 2.0 interface with maximum image transmission rate of up to 60 fps.

    8.Durable & stable performance: Precision manufacturing process ensures good corrosion resistance and allowing stable operation within operating temperature range of -0 ~ +50°C.


    1. Widely applicable across multiple fields:
    2. A powerful assistant in the field of scientific research experiments: The characteristics of high resolution and high sensitivity make this product an ideal choice for scientific research fields such as biomedicine and materials science, helping scientific researchers to deeply explore the mysteries of the microscopic world.
    3. Precision tool in the field of industrial testing: This product is suitable for testing and quality control of industrial products such as electronic components, metal materials, textiles, etc., ensuring the accuracy of test results with its high precision and stability.
    4. Excellent teaching aid in the field of education and training: The simple and easy-to-use operation interface and powerful automation functions make it an ideal teaching aid for schools and training institutions for microscopic observation teaching and demonstration, helping students intuitively understand the microscopic world.
    5. Ideal for home experiments and personal exploration: For microscopy enthusiasts, this product has comprehensive performance and is easy to operate. It can meet the needs of home experiments and personal exploration, allowing you to easily appreciate the wonderful microscopic world.